E.SUN Bank is not responsible for announcing the purchase categories eligible for rewards or interest-free installment payment plan

Date of Announcement: January 29, 2024

Regular purchases do not include the following:

(1) Cash advances; balance transfer; Preauthorized payment plans for various fees (e.g., fees due to Taiwan Power Company, Taiwan Water Corporation, Taipei Water Department, or gas companies; roadside parking fess due to a county or city government; bills of Chunghwa Telecom or private telecoms companies; property management fee of HOKAN Leader Hall community); audited or approved tax payment; tuition (e.g., i-payment platform, Tuition of the National Credit Card Center (NCCC) ); medical expenses; government administrative charges; direct debit of mutual fund; securities underwriting on a best efforts basis; transactions taken place at an investment platform overseas (e.g., eToro, MCO, etc.); exchange transaction taken place at an exchange platform (e.g., wise, etc.); traveler’s check; gabling chips; digital (virtual) currency; lump sum premium payment through a branch of E.SUN Bank; lump sum payment of premium to Nan Shan Life Insurance Company, Ltd.; revolving interest; liquidated damages and penalty; credit card annual fee; service fees; receipts under custody; fees due to the Motor Vehicle Office; transactions taken place at a convenience store (e.g., 7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, and OKmart), chain fast food restaurants; and PX Mart (including purchases made via PX Pay or PXGo!); merchants of the National Credit Card Center (NCCC) which accept credit card small-ticket payment (e.g., parking facilities, caterers, vending machines); eTag automatic top-ups; parking fees charged to one’s eTag; fees and charges paid through payment platforms (e.g., the Finger Tap Medical Payment app, electronic tax and charges payment processing platform, government agencies’ credit card payment gateways, and e-Government Service Platform); stored value card (formerly known as electronic ticket token) top-ups and electronic wallet top-ups (including automatic top-up); payment of non-regular purchases made via an third-party wallet or electronic wallet linked to a credit card account (including, but not limited to, top-ups to E.SUN’s e-wallet to pay for purchases, taxes, or expenses by scanning a TWQR code or Taiwan Pay QR code, and Overseas physical channels); and tobacco products and legally prohibited products for promotion.

(2) Cardholders pay in installments for consumption transactions at merchants.

(3) In European countries (i.e. United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg , Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and other countries) consumption by credit card in physical stores

(1) and (2) and (3) Purchases mentioned above are not eligible for bonus points, cashback, or the points and rewards offered by the other co-branding company (including, but not limited to, Carrefour reward points, OPENPOINT points, STARLUX airline miles, P Coins, Hanshin purchasing credit rebates, Hanshin Arena Infinite Card holders’ points, and those to be provided by any co-branding companies in the future), (nor are they allowed to be converted into an installment payment plan. (1) (3) The project is not applicable to zero-interest-free installment service.

  1. The aforementioned “payment platforms” allow payment to be made with a credit card at a physical premises or through the Internet, mobile apps, or over the phone, or through preauthorized payment plan (e.g., bills of Asia Pacific Telecom, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd., Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd., Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co., Ltd., etc.); however, payment methods are subject to the announcement of each payment platform.
  2. No rewards will be provided to transactions paid via the Pi Wallet app linked to an E.SUN credit card at a designated channel (e.g., TPC, health insurance premium, collection and payment for personal transactions); the definition of a regular purchase for the Pi Wallet App shall be based on the Bank’s “Announcement on Pi Wallet linked to a credit card”.
  3. When the cardholder handle installment payment transactions at merchants, if there is a return (full or partial return), the merchant should refund the original installment amount in full or cancel the transaction, and then re-process the transaction based on the latest transaction amount. If the merchant or the cardholder fails to handle the matter, which affects the cardholder's credit card limit, inclusion of payables or consumption rewards, etc., the cardholder still needs to contact the merchant for processing.
  4. Specific cards (such as: E.SUN Bank World Card, Doctor Unlimited Card, Accountant Unlimited Card, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Unlimited Card, Architect Unlimited Card, Dentist Unlimited Card, Pharmacist Unlimited Card, Ubear Card, Only Card, E.SUN Dual Currency Card (Excluding Kumamon Dual Currency Card) , Business Platinum Card, Business Royal Seal Card, Taipei Dentists Association Approval Card, New Taipei City Dentists Association Approval Card, Civil Servant National Travel Card and StarLux Airlines Co-branded Card), You can still enjoy spending rewards by swiping your card at physical stores in Europe. The detailed activity period and content are subject to the respective card webpages.
Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit

Products featuring a zero-interest installment plan: zero handling fees and zero annual percentage rates. Revolving credit rate: 5.88%-15%(determined by your credit score from the Bank; base date: September 1 2015) Service charges for cash advance (based on the cash advance settlement currency): the amount of cash advance x3.5%+(NTD 100/USD 3.5/JPY 350/EUR 2.5). Other relevant rates shall be announced on the Bank's website and application form.